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Image Preview: Fig. 63_7 from Asia/Jordan/Jarash/Mosque ID 63
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Caption Sounding at the south face of the qiblah wall at the Phase 1 miḥrāb (May 2011). A bed of flat stones supports a foundational half circle of only header-laid blocks, on which the miḥrāb‎ was built. The curved and dressed blocks utilised recycled architectural elements of hard limestone sourced from Roman-period buildings. Four courses survived. The thick build-up of street levels and a major collapse deposit against the miḥrāb and qiblah wall attest to the age of the mosque
Credit The Danish-Jordanian Islamic Jarash Project, digital photograph catalogue no. IJP_D9667
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The Danish-Jordanian Islamic Jarash Project. (2021) "Fig. 63_7 from Asia/Jordan/Jarash/Mosque ID 63". In Early Islamic Mosques Database. Hagit Nol (Ed). Released: 2021-11-14. Open Context. <>

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