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EOL Computational Data Challenge: Zooarchaeology Metrics Dataset Version 2

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This is the main data table describing measurements of zooarchaeological specimen from several Epipaleolithic - Chalcolithic sites in Anatolia. These data integrated and published in Open Context represent one outcome of the Encyclopedia of Life Computational Data Challenge a project led by Benjamin Arrbuckle in collaboration with the zooarchaeologists listed here.

To promote interoperability and facilitate reuse Open Context editors annotated these data with Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) and UBERON identifiers.

These data presented in this table mainly represent annotations (conducted by Open Context editors and checked by data contributors) of measurements made the contributing researchers. Only those measurements that align to widely used zooarchaeological osteometric conventions are represented in this table. Open Context editors related measurement data to the "Open Context Zooarchaeology" ontology / controlled vocabulary to facilitate comparison across projects. Datasets as originally described by the contributing researchers are also available by following links to project documentation.

Note: Open Context editors generated this updated table in response to updates provided by contributors. Arek Marciniak provided additional context information for Çatalhöyük Area TP. This table includes only records of bones from more secure contexts. In addition this table includes records from Menteşe Höyük. Please see this related table for an earlier version of these data.

Data Sources
Çatalhöyük Zooarchaeology (5653) , Ilıpınar Zooarchaeology (4360) , Erbaba Höyük and Suberde Zooarchaeology (2706) , Köşk Höyük Faunal Data (2487) , Domuztepe Excavations (2289) , Zooarchaeology of Karain Cave B (865) , Zooarchaeology of Neolithic Ulucak (617) , Çatalhöyük Area TP Zooarchaeology (526) , Zooarchaeology of Öküzini Cave (495) , Faunal Data from Neolithic Menteşe (370) , Barçın Höyük Zooarchaeology (251) , Çukuriçi Höyük Zooarchaeology (185) , Pınarbaşı 1994: Animal Bones (109)
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Benjamin S. Arbuckle, Hijlke Buitenhuis, Nerissa Russell, Sheelagh Frame, Stuart Campbell, Elizabeth Carter, Levent Atici, Katheryn Twiss, David Orton, Louise Martin, Arzu Demirergi, Kamilla Pawlowska, Çatalhöyük Zooarchaeology, Claire Christensen, Arek Marciniak, Alfred Galik, Liz Henton, Lionel Gourichon, Daniel Helmer, Stephanie Meese, Adam Watson, Rebecca Daly, Serkan Yeni, Denise Carruthers, Rhian Mayon-White, Ian Cameron, Nobs Symmons, Banu Aydinuloglu, Amanda Erwin, Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Vesna Dimitrijevic, Chris Hills, Dusan Boric, Leola Leblanc, Adrienne Powell, Levent Atıcı. (2017) "EOL Computational Data Challenge: Zooarchaeology Metrics Dataset Version 2". In Open Context. David Orton, Nerissa Russell, Katheryn Twiss, Louise Martin, Sheelagh Frame, Hijlke Buitenhuis, Benjamin S. Arbuckle, Stuart Campbell, Elizabeth Carter, Levent Atici, Canan Çakırlar, Arek Marciniak, Lionel Gourichon, Daniel Helmer, Alfred Galik, Denise Carruthers (Ed). Released: 2017-02-01. Open Context. <> DOI:

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